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The New Boss of Social Media

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Employee and Influencer Generated Content Management Solution

Markr's Brand Commandr allows for management of social media content from multiple people and locations.

With Brand Commandr, the "boss" of your social media can proactively monitor all of your content creators' output, keeping everything a consumer sees about your brand, on your social channels, consistent and on message.

Want to drive higher quality Employee/Influencer Generated Content? Now you can with Markr’s Brand Commandr.

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Better Content, Better Solution

Today, the best social media content is original, organic, engaging and timely. The best places to find it is among “the many;” your brand’s prominent influencers, advocates and employees.

Unfortunately, too often brands do not seriously engage with what could be, a great “content creation army” because they do not have the tools to create, monitor, maintain and enforce their brand standards.

Brand Commandr is the first truly scalable solution that offers a solution to fix that very problem. We provide the platform to give your social “boss” full control without sacrificing time and efficiency in the fast-paced social environment.

Move from content creation, to monitoring, to feedback, to publishing, all at the speed of social and all in one tool.

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Multi-Dimensional Brand View

Brand Commandr creates new opportunities to drive better content safely to both the brand’s and employee/influencer social streams. We open the lens of your brand’s social footprint allowing those who love you the most to amplify your brand’s message.

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Brands Using Brand Commandr

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    Being relevant in real-time

    • Edit content on our mobile app
    • Approve content before someone else publishes on social streams
    • Edit content and send back to content creator for posting
    • Send push notification alerts to content creators and sustain efficiency
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    Improved Brand Content

    • Add dynamic logos and #visualhashtags on photos and/or video
    • Dynamic photo editing and filters to get the perfect shot
    • Instant sharing on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and more through app
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    Scalable and Affordable

    • Scales easily up to large Fortune 500 size (markr has been built for the millions)
    • Wont break your social marketing budget.
    • Works seamlessly with existing social media management tools
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Engaging Impact

  • Generate new, original, organic, engaging and timely social content
  • Keep content creators on message
  • Unified messaging via multiple people throughout the spectrum of social media channels
  • Less risk of messaging mistakes now that you are able filter the good from the bad
  • Creates new efficiencies in social media management
  • All content is now housed in one central location
  • No waiting game. Everything can happen in real time
  • New Data: You can track your content creators’ progress and even their location

Managing social media is only getting harder and growing in importance in the marketing mix for organizations. Now is the time for you to get a better grip of your brand’s social media. Brand Commandr is the first Social Media Content Creation Management Solution that gives you the tools to get your job done faster and better.